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Welcome to the Tanos Pharmacy Group

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West End Compounding previously known as Extempia Compounding is part of the Tanos Pharmacy group. From humble beginnings in the 1950’s as a suburban retail pharmacy, the Tanos Pharmacy Group has grown to be one of the largest pharmacies in West End, Brisbane. In 2012 it expanded to include Extempia Compounding.

We are still a family owned and operated business – and believe in the traditional pharmacy values of expertise, advice and caring.

Our aim is to listen and by working with other health professionals we come up with the best solutions, which will improve your quality of life. We care about your health problems. Nothing is too small or too complicated for us - improving your health is our number one priority.

Our mission at the Tanos Pharmacy Group is to provide you with informed, individualized and customized solutions to your specific health needs and wellbeing. In doing so, sometimes we must try different strategies regarding ingredient, formulation and strength of medication, based on continuous research.

We have been providing pharmacy support to a number of nursing homes and hostels for many years and have developed the specialised skill sets needed to participate in the optimal health care team environment.

While we continue our proud tradition of supporting the health of our local community, patients Australia-wide can also experience our care, attention to detail and experienced advice through our online ordering service.

Extempia Compounding (West End Compounding Pharmacy )

Extempia Compounding is designed to provide state-to-the-art compounding to the Brisbane and wider Australian community.

Cutting-Edge Compounding Laboratory & Sterile Room  .. sorry not in use at this stage.  

Our modern compounding laboratory is purpose built to ensure maximum sterility, and that the optimal temperature and humidity is maintained during batch preparation.

Our laboratory also has a separate pressurised sterile room, designed for preparation of highly sensitive prescriptions including eye drops, injectables, and irrigations.

Safety & Quality Assurance

We don’t cut corners with quality. Our compounding pharmacists follow detailed standard operating procedures to ensure each and every compounded batch is pure, safe and delivers what is required.

It all starts with our quality core ingredients. These are of the highest purity and are sourced from reputable Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved manufacturers and suppliers that manufacture in accordance with the Australian Good Manufacturing Practice Code.

We ensure all ingredients are correctly stored in optimal temperature and humidity conditions, to ensure no spoilage or degradation of product.

Each batch of ingredients is assayed to ensure the correct active ingredients are present in the specified quantities, and that the batch is pure and free from heavy metals and other impurities.

And we track and record the ingredient batches in each individual compounded prescription, to ensure that any problems can be quickly identified and traced. Finally, we test our formulas for potency and sterility on a regular basis. We believe that your health matters – and go the extra mile to create safe, quality health medications.

Accredited Service

All of our compounding pharmacists are trained and accredited by the PCCA (Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia).

In addition, our laboratory has undergone QCCP and PCCA accreditation to ensure the highest possible standards of quality care.

Solutions Focussed

Our motto is “Your Medication – Your Way”. This means that we work in partnership with both you and your healthcare practitioner to find the best health solutions for your needs.

Our experienced compounding pharmacists take the time to talk with each and every patient, to ensure all of your questions are answered, and that all of your health issues are taken into account.

Finally, we also believe compounded products should always be of the highest quality. This means our creams are not “lumpy”, our lollipops not soggy or melt too quickly or our creams don’t crack or turn brown.

Have a question or like some more information? Talk to one of our friendly compounding pharmacists on 07 3844 3086 or fill out the contact form.