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What is Compounding?

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Compounding is simply the science of combining individual ingredients to create a specific medication.

Before the mass production of medications in the 1950’s, the majority of medicines were compounded to suit an individual’s needs by specialist pharmacists. Today, there is a resurgence of interest in compounded medications as people discover that mass produced medications may not suit their particular situation.

Why Do We Need Compounded Medications?

Mass produced medications meet the majority of needs of patients, but there are many medically necessary situations where compounded medications are required:

General CompoundingCompound Medication
  • Remove Allergens – Many patients are allergic to preservatives, dyes, sugar, alcohol, gluten or food colours. Compounding can make allergen free over the counter and prescription medications, formulated to leave out the problem ingredients.
  • Alternative Dose Forms – Many patients can’t swallow tablets, have too many tablets to swallow, or find that tablets create gastrointestinal problems. Compounding can change the dosage form to one that is tolerated by the patient.
  • Exact Dosage Requirements – Where a patient needs an exact dose and the particular dose is not commercially available, then compounding can create the exact dose requirements. We can increase or decrease dose strengths to reduce multiple tablets or to make it more convenient to deliver the correct dosage.
  • Flavour – Let’s be honest, not all medications taste great. If the patient doesn’t like the taste, then they won’t take their medicine. Compounding can add flavours to mask the taste of medications without disturbing the medication’s effectiveness.
  • Dose Compliance – Some medications may require tablets to be taken a number of times throughout the day. At times this may not be easy to accomplish with busy lifestyles or simply remembering to take them. Compounding can find different formats that may mean only having to take the medication once daily rather than multiple times per day.
  • Discontinued Medications – Medications may become unavailable for a variety of reasons. Compounding can replicate discontinued medications when appropriate by combining the active pharmaceutical ingredients into the most appropriate dosage and form for the patient.
  • Sterile Injection Forms – We can compound particular medicines or vitamins into sterile injection formats to suit your unique needs.

What Forms Can Compounded Prescriptions Take?

Our compounding pharmacists work closely with you and your practitioner to create medications in a form that is suitable for you and your lifestyle. Some of the dosage forms include:

  • Oral/Topical Syringes – for more accurate dosages
  • Capsules – immediate release and coated or slower release capsules
  • Troches – “lozenges” that sit in the mouth and dissolve slowly
  • Rapid Dissolve Tablets & Tablet Triturates – tablets that dissolve on/ or under the tongue
  • Suspensions ,Solutions & Foams
  • Popsicles – brilliant in summer!
  • Lollipops – great for extended delivery and for kids
  • Transdermal Creams, Gels, Ointments & Sticks – one of the best alternatives to oral forms of medications or for local action on skin
  • Ophthalmic preparations & eye drops – for eye problems
  • Injectables – intramuscular, IV infusions, intradental, sterile gels, irrigations
  • Suppositories & Pessaries
  • Oral Rinses
  • Nasal Sprays
  • Veterinary Formulations including:
    • Chewable treats - flavoured to your pets taste, makes medicine time a treat, not a nightmare
    • Transdermal creams- an alternative to an oral medication route
    • Dial-a-dose syringes - making dosing easy and safe for large animals like horses
  • and many more…

Is Compounding Safe?

Compounding pharmacies are covered by extensive legal requirements. In addition, Tanos Pharmacy is accredited by the QCCP and PCCA, and complies with all requirements.

We follow strict quality assurance protocols and our equipment and laboratory are state-of-the-art. Our batches are tested to ensure safety, purity and efficacy of our processes. We only ever produce individual products to order and never mass-produce medications. This means your compounded medications are as safe as can possibly be produced.

Have a question or like some more information? Talk to one of our friendly compounding pharmacists on 07 3844 3086 or fill out the contact form.