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Paediatric Compounding

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Infants and children generally do not enjoy taking medications because of challenges such as dislike of taste, texture, smell, inability to swallow tablets or a fear of needles. As well, some children are allergic to many of the preservative and other additives found in most commercially produced medication. Another challenge parents face is the limited commercially available products for common conditions such as reflux.

That is where paediatric compounding can be used to resolve these issues for the child and the parent and can make a difficult time easier.

Our compounding pharmacist can create:

  • The right dose for the child’s size.
  • Preservative and additive free medications.
  • Custom made medications that children will happily take such as lollipops, ice blocks, pleasantly flavoured suspensions, lozenges, suppositories and transdermal creams.
  • Dye free, allergen and excitotoxin free compounded formulations that are ideal for children with Autism, Asperger’s or other related disorders.
  • Omeprazole suspension for babies with reflux, which is an effective and well tolerated option.

Talk with our compounding pharmacist about your child’s medication needs, and discover ways to make your child happier (and your life easier) while improving their health.

Have a question or like some more information? Talk to one of our friendly compounding pharmacists on 07 3844 3086 or fill out the contact form.