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Compounded Pain Management & Muscle Cramp Products

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If pain is a part of your life, then our creams and gels can assist in the management of acute or chronic pain with less nasty side-effects.

Most compounded pain management creams require a doctor’s script.

Numbing Creams

Laser procedures such as hair removal, laser tattoo removal and other forms of cosmetic procedures are a great tool but the process can be extremely painful. Tanos Pharmacy has worked closely with people in the industry to create more effective numbing creams than those commercially available in most laser centres, thereby making the whole experience much more pleasant. This may even mean that your tattoo can be removed with less pain than when it went on!

Muscle Cramp Compounding

Everyone suffers from muscle cramps at some stage in their life. A muscle cramp or spasm is a sudden involuntary muscle contraction that can last from a few seconds to days. It is usually accompanied by pain and tightness of the muscle.

Muscle cramps can be caused from dehydration, over-exertion, low electrolytes, overuse, period cramps and medical conditions such as diabetes and muscular sclerosis.

Tanos Pharmacy can create compounded blends in creams, gels, lotions and capsules to relieve the symptoms of muscle cramps.

Muscle Cramp Compounding

Sports Muscle Blend

One of our most popular muscle blends has been designed for elite athletes and keen sportspeople and is a magnesium chloride topical cream. Applied to the muscles before and after exercise, it releases muscle tension and may help relieve muscle soreness and pain. Special combinations containing anti-inflammatories can also be applies directly to the area of injury.

Nerve Pain

Nerve pain is often very difficult to treat and can include pain which is sometimes described as burning, tingling, numbness or an overreaction to normal stimuli. The pharmacists at Tanos Pharmacy have acess to a wide range of active ingredients which target different types of pain. We can work closely with you and your doctor to formulate a combination of actives in a topical gel form, which pushes the medication through the skin to directly target the areas that are causing the pain and address the problem.

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