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Veterinary Compounding

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One of the core areas of specialisation of Tanos Pharmacy is veterinary compounding for both domestic and exotic animals.

Dosing animals is often not a simple process. Commercially available medications may be designed for one particular species; however that dosage and dosage form may not be suitable for a smaller or different species. Our veterinary compounding creates medications that are:

  • At the correct dosage for a specific animal.
  • Easier to administer.
  • More palatable - this means that the animal is happy to take them.

For example, we can create tasty chewable treats or topical dosages for where tablets are not tolerated (or where tablets are hard to administer). You can even request personalized flavours if your pet is particularly finicky and only likes chicken or liver (for example). We can also formulate gels that are much easier to apply to cats than giving them tablets.

And if your animals fall into the wild, exotic or zoo category, one of our compounding pharmacists has a special interest in compounding for native and exotic animals. Tell us your issue, and we will find a way to help you deliver the required medication.

  • Sick Budgee
  • Sick Animal
  • Sick Cat
  • Sick Dog
  • Equine - Horses
  • Injured Reptiles

Have a question or like some more information? Talk to one of our friendly compounding pharmacists on 07 3844 3086 or fill out the contact form.